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3 thoughts on “Rhythm games”

  1. Oh, the sky is the limit!

    With the tic tac toe, you could have the whole class play.
    – Put the class in 2 groups. If the group says the rhythm correctly (I always accept ONE person making a mistake), the group can put the X or O in that spot.
    – You could also put the class in groups and tell them to prepare a rhythm performance by choosing 3 beats in a row. You could force them to choose at least one box with the sixteenth notes.

    With the dominoes, you could:
    – The class could be in two groups again. Each group takes turns rolling the dice. Whatever the number, the whole group must say that rhythm to get a point.
    – Also, like above, put the kids in groups in order to prepare rhythm performances. The kids must roll the dice 4 times to determine the 4 phrases their performances would contain.

    Share YOUR ideas, too!

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