May 2016 eBundle

May 2016 eBundle


31 pages in one downloadable pdf*

Wake Snake

  • Rhythm Visuals
  • Partner Songs: Wake Snake / I Want to Rise
  • Orff Arrangement

Rain Come Wet Me

  • Rhythm Visuals in 2/4
  • Rhythm Visuals in 3/4
  • Orff Arrangement

Bickle Bockle

  • S0-mi Version
  • So-mi-la Version
  • EGA Version
  • Orff Arrangement
  • So-mi Melody Visuals
  • So-mi-la Melody Visuals

Songs About the Sun

  • The Golden Sun (with accompaniment)
  • Good Morning Merry Sunshine (adapted version with chords)

Mozart Crossword

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