Don Juan Periquito

Lyrics - Spanish

(Folk song from Puerto Rico)

Don Juan Periquito tenía arenal,
Con granos de trigo lo quería sembrar,
Y así ponía los pies en el mar,
Para enseñar sus hijos a bailar.

Caracolito de la mar, que te quedaste sin bailar. (repeat)

English Translation - ​Mr. Juan Periquito

Mr. Juan Periquito had sand,
Where he wanted to plant wheat grains,
And so he put his feet in the sea,
To teach his children how to dance.

Little sea snail, you were left without dancing. (repeat)

Circle Singing Game

Formation: All students stand in a circle with “It” (Don Juan Periquito) standing in the middle.

When the song begins, “It” pretends to plant wheat while standing in water. On “Caracolito,”
 “It” improvises a movement, and all students copy the movement. On the last word, “It” points to a student in the circle, who becomes the new “It.”

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