Pong Dang Pong Dang

Lyrics - Revised Romanization

(Music by, Hong Nan-pa, Korean; Lyrics by Seokjung Yoon, early 20th c.)

Pong dang pong dang doreul deonjija
nuna mollae doreul deonjija
naenmura peojeora
meollimeolli peojeora
geonneopyeone anjaseo
namureul ssinneun
uri nuna sondeungeul
ganjireo jueora

English Translation - Plop (sound of stones in water)

Let’s throw stones
Let’s throw stones without my sister knowing
Stream, spread it out
Spread far and wide
sit across from me
washing herbs
The back of my sister’s hand
Give it a tickle

Korean - 퐁당퐁당

퐁당퐁당 돌을 던지자
누나 몰래 돌을 던지자
냇물아 퍼저라
멀리멀리 퍼저라
건너편에 앉아서
나물을 씻는
우리 누나 손등을
간지러 주어라

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