Fire in the Mountain


(Folk song)

Fire in the mountain, run run run,
You with the red coats follow with the drum,
The drum shall beat and you shall run,
Fire in the mountain, run run run.


Version 1

Formation: Students in 2 concentric circles. Students in the inner circle are sitting, and students in the outer circle are standing. The outer circle has one more person than the inner circle has.

As students sing, the students in the outer circle walk around the seated inner circle. When the accompaniment suddenly stops (or teacher stops singing and signals a sudden stop by playing a cowbell or other instrument), the students in the outer circle quickly go to stand behind each of the students in the inner circle. The student who is left out changes places with a student in the inner circle. Play continues until all students in the inner circle have had a turn in the outer circle. (source: Kerr)

Variation: Students in the center circle stand facing the outer circle with arms up like trees. Students in the outer circle run around the circle until at some point, Student Leader says “Fire is out!” Students run to find a “tree” to stand under. Student who doesn’t find a partner (tree) can become the new Student Leader. (source)

Version 2

Formation: All students form a well-spaced circle (or random scattered positions in the room). At the end of the song, everyone freezes and looks at the teacher. The teacher says a (low) number, and all students must form groups of that number. (source)

Recorder Notes G, A, B, D'

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