The Chorus of Frogs


(By Aunt Effie: Jane Euphemia Saxby, 1860)

“Yaup, yaup, yaup!”
Said the croaking voice of a Frog:
“A rainy day
In the month of May,
And plenty of room in the bog.”

“Yaup, yaup, yaup!”
Said the Frog as it hopped away:
“The insects feed
On the floating weed,
And I’m hungry for dinner today.”

“Yaup, yaup, yaup!”
Said the Frog, as it splashed about:
“Good neighbours all,
When you hear me call,
It is odd that you do not come out.”

“Yaup, yaup, yaup!”
Said the Frogs, “It is charming weather;
We’ll come and sup,
When the moon is up,
And we’ll all of us croak together.”

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  • Subjects: nursery rhymes / frogs
  • Timbre: chants
  • Source: Aunt Effie’s rhymes for little children, Aunt Effie, (Jane Euphemia Saxby), 1860
  • Downloadable chant (PDF)

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