Announcing a New Partnership with Sound Thinking Interactive!

Wow, am I excited to share my news with you! We at Beth’s Notes have become partners with Sound Thinking Interactive, a sequential, research-based curriculum which gives you the tools you need to teach fun, engaging lessons.

  • Are you a new teacher?
  • Do you need an infusion of new ways to craft your lessons?
  • Do you want to spend less time planning your curriculum?
  • Are you burnt out and need something to get you excited about teaching again?
  • Would you like to see your students develop more musical skills?
  • Are you looking for more ways to incorporate improvisation and composition in your lessons?

Keep reading! (You will thank me later.) 🙂

A Shared Vision

When I met the Sound Thinking Interactive team, I was immediately impressed with how they echoed my own passion: to see students make music, not just learn about music. Students are learning to use their own “instrument,” their voice; and they learn how to internalize and “hear” music in their heads. It’s an active approach, which keeps students engaged singing, listening, moving, and playing musical games.

Full Curriculum vs. "Lesson Extensions"

Regularly I hear from people who could use some help with writing and executing effective lessons. My focus has been to provide quality songs and “lesson extensions” instead of full “lesson plans.” My lesson extensions, visuals, Orff arrangements, worksheets and assessments can be inserted into any of your lesson plans.

We all know how exhausting it is to be a music teacher! There is so much lesson planning! Sound Thinking Interactive has all of that figured out! They offer the full curriculum, as well as instructions on how to teach and assess the students. They also have interactive technologies to help your students visualize the musical concepts.

So What Does This Partnership Mean?

Since what I have is the catalog of resources and what they have is the structure in which to use those resources, we feel like this is a great opportunity to point people to our respective websites. And… there’s an extra bonus! If you are a Beth’s Notes Plus member, you can get a 25% coupon code for your first month with Sound Thinking Interactive! 

They are launching a new program today: Grade 1 Let’s Go! for $12.99/mo. The other grade levels are coming out soon! And, if you want to save more money, everyone who currently has a monthly subscription of $32.00/mo will get all of the Grade Levels Let’s Go Curriculum for free as they update. So if new users go ahead and purchase all of Sound Thinking Interactive now, they’ll get a cheaper rate than all of the grade levels individually or in the K-2 / 3-5 bundles combined.

Check out this video!

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