Léiwer Härgottsbliesche


This song is sung by children in a procession from door to door during the the eve of St. Blaise’s day, February 2. (source)

Lyrics - Luxembourghish

(Folk song from Luxembourg)

Léiwer Härgottsblieschen,
Gitt ons Speck an Ierbessen
Ee Pond, zwee Pond,
Dat anert Joer da gitt der gesond,
Da gitt der gesond.
Loosst déi jonk Leit liewen,
An déi al Leit derniewent.

Kommt der net bal,
D’Féiss ginn ons kal.
Kommt Der net gläich,
Da gi mer op d’Schläich.
Kommt der net geschwënn,
D’Féiss ginn ons dënn.
Kommt Der net gewëss,
Da kritt Der e Schouss voll Nëss.

English Translation - Dear Little St. Blaise

Dear Little St. Blaise,
Give us bacon and peas
One pound, two pounds,
Next year you will be healthy,
Then you will be healed.
Let the young people live,
And the old people next door.

If you do not come soon,
Our feet get cold.
If you do not come right away,
Then we go to the snail.
If you do not come soon,
Our feet will slip.
If you do not come for sure
Then you get a lapful of nuts. (source)

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