Miren cuántas luces

Lyrics - Spanish

(Folk song from Spain)

¡Miren cuántas luces cuántos resplandores!
Sin duda es Belén. ¡Qué gloria, pastores! ¡Qué gloria, pastores!

Los tres Reyes Magos vienen del Oriente,
Trayendo al Niño canastas de flores, canastes de flores.

El buey con su vaho calienta al Niñito,
La mula se admira de sus resplandor, de su resplandor.

Camina chiquita, que vendrás cansada,
Por aquellos montes haremos posada, haremos posada.

English Translation – See how many lights

See how many lights how many flashes!
It is definitely Bethlehem. What glory, shepherds! What glory, shepherds!

The three wise men come from the Orient,
Bringing the Child flower baskets, flower baskets.

The ox with its steam warms the little boy,
The mule is amazed at his splendor, at his splendor.

Walk little girl, you must be tired,
For those mountains we will make a shelter, we will make a shelter.

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