Jump In Jump Out


(Traditional chant, adapted by Beth Thompson)

All:            Let’s go – Jump in, jump out, turn yourself about,
                 I said, Jump in, jump out, introduce yourself.
Student:  My name is ________
All:            Yeah
Student:  And I like _______
All:            Uh huh. Your name is _______ (say student’s name)
Student:  Yeah
All:            And you like __________
Student:  Uh huh

(Repeat with another student taking a turn.)


Formation: Students stand in a circle.

  • Jump in – Students take a small jump into the circle
  • Jump out – Students jump back to the place where they started.
  • Turn yourself – Students turn around once.
  • Introduce yourself – Students point to the student whose turn it is.
  • On the rest of the chant, students clap on beats 2 and 4 of each measure.

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