Lyrics - Sranan Tongo

(Folk song from Suriname)

Lolo mi boto, lolo
Kon mek’ wi go
Lolo mi mati
Mek’ na uma dodo
Winti kan seki liba,
Skwala kan hei,
Noti kan tap’ mi boto,
Lon mek’ a frei.
Lolo mi boto
Mannen gre toto
Arki fa udu e geme
Planga e kré.
Lolo mi boto, lolo,
Kon mek’ wi go
Te wi doro foto wi sa teki bro.

English Translation – Row my boat

Row my boat, row,
Come, let’s go.
Row, my friends,
So the ladies can be lulled.
The wind can shake the river,
The waves can be high,
Nothing can stop my boat,
Sail, let it fly!
Row, my boat,
Men push!
Listen to how the wood creaks,
The planks cry,
Row my boat, row,
Come, let’s go!
When we get to town, we’ll rest.

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