Un Canadien errant

Lyrics - French

(Canadian folk song, Lyrics by Antoine Gérin-Lajoie, 1842)

1. Un Canadien errant banis de ses foyers (repeat)
Parcourait en pleurant des pays étrangers (repeat)

2. Un jour triste et pensif assis au bord des flots (repeat)
Au courant fugitif, il adresse ces mots : (repeat)

3. Si tu vois mon pays, mon pays malheureux (repeat)
Va, dis à mes amis que je me souviens d’eux (repeat)

4. O jours si pleins d’appas vous êtes disparus (repeat)
Et ma patrie, hélas, je ne verrai plus! (repeat)

English Translation – A Wandering Canadian

1. Once a Canadian lad, banished from his home, (repeat)
Traveled, crying, through foreign lands. (repeat)

2. A sad and thoughtful day, sitting at the edge of the waves (repeat)
To the fleeting current, he addresses these words: (repeat)

3. If you see my country, my unhappy country (repeat)
Go tell my friends that I remember them (repeat)

4. O days so full of charms you are gone (repeat)
And my homeland, alas, I will no longer see! (repeat)

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