Right Hand Bow


1. First gent out with a right hand bow,
Right hand bow, right hand bow,
Back to your partner with a left hand bow,
Swing to the center, seven hands round.

2. All join hands and circle to the right,
Circle to the right, circle to the right,
All join hands and circle to the right,
And all promenade.

3. Promenade around with the waltz and swing,
Waltz and swing, waltz and swing,
Promenade around with the waltz and swing,
And swing parties home.

Dance steps

Formation: Circle of partners holding hands.

Verse 1 – One person (“It”) crosses the circle and chooses someone and does a right arm swing and then returns to the same place and swings their own partner with the left arm.

Verse 2 – “It” and partner moves into the center of the circle and continues to left arm swing while the outside circle (with joined hands) walks to the right.

Verse 3 – All partners face each other and hold both arms. They circle slowly with each other, and they also move the entire circle slowly counter-clockwise.

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Extras for Plus Members

  • Song with chords (PDF)
  • MIDI file
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