U to vrijeme godišta


This is from the 12th century.

Lyrics - Croatian

(Croatian folk song)

U to vrijeme godišta
Mir se svijetu naviješta
Porođenjem Djetešca
Kom’ je majka djevica.

Anđeli se javili
Rajsku pjesmu slagali
Slava Bogu pjevali
A mir ljud’ma prosili.

Djeva Sina rodila
Đavlu silu slomila
Svijetu Spasa podala
Nama majka postala.

A mi Kristu hvalimo
S anđelima pjevamo
Radi žrtve njegove
Što je za nas započe.

English Translation – At that time of year

At that time of year
Peace is proclaimed to the world
By the birth of a Child
The mother is a virgin.

The angels answered
The paradise song was lied to
Praise be to God
And they asked the peace of the people.

The Virgin’s Son gave birth
She broke the devil’s power
To the world of salvation
Our mother became.

And we praise Christ
With the angels we sing
For his sacrifice
Which is a start for us.

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