Tante volte mi dicesti
T’a merò sino al la morte
Vò divider la tua sorte
Nella gioia e nel dolor, nella gioia el nel dolor,
Nella gioia e nel dolor,
Ah! crudel, tu m’ingannasti
E dona sti ad altre ulcer,
Ah! crudel, tu m’ingannasti,
E donasti ad altro il cor.


So many times you told me
You are in love until you die
I will share your fate
In joy and sorrow, in joy and in sorrow,
In joy and in sorrow,
Ah! cruel, you deceived me
And donate to other ulcers,
Ah! cruel, you deceived me,
And gave your heart to another.

English Singable Lyrics

Marianina, when you said to me,
That your love would never fade away,
Maidens sometimes break their vows, they say,
Did you know what love may be?
’Tis a mystery so rare,
Bringing naught but grief and pain:
Marianina, grant my prayer,
Take, oh! Take thy heart again,
Marianina, grant my prayer,
Take, oh! Take thy heart again.

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