Other titles – Bab at the Bowster, Babity Bowster, Bee Baw Babbity, Roud 8722


(Scottish folk song)

Babity, babity,
Bab at the Bowster brawly.

Kneel down kiss (touch) the ground,
Kiss (Touch) the ground, kiss (touch) the ground,
Kneel down kiss (touch) the ground*,
Kiss (Swing) a bonny wee* lassie (laddie).

I wouldna ha’e a lassie, oh. (laddie)
A lassie (laddie), oh, a lassie (laddie), oh,
I wouldna ha’e a lassie (laddie), oh,
I’d rather ha’e a wee lassie (laddie).

Dance (Traditional)

Formation: Students stand in a circle with hands joined. One student (“It”) stands in the middle.
Measures 1-8 – Students walk around in a circle.
Measures 9-24 – Students stand still. “It” leans down and spreads a handkerchief on the floor in front of one student. Both students kneel on the handkerchief and kiss (or swing).*
Game continues with new student becoming “It.”
*My adapted version below

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