Un lorito de Verapaz

Lyrics - Spanish

(Folk song from Guatemala)

Un lorito de Verapaz
Un buen día se enamoró
De una linda cotorrita
Y la pobre se desmayó.
Ay lorita de mi alma,
Le decía el lorito.
Quiéreme un poquitito,
Que me muero de amor.
Delgadito me pongo
Si tu amor no me das,
Si te vas con otro
Ya verás? Ya verás.

English Translation - A little parrot from Verapaz

A little parrot from Verapaz
One nice day he fell in love
From a pretty little parrot
And the poor guy fainted.
Oh parrot of my soul
The parrot was saying
Love me a little bit,
I’m dying of love.
I will get thinner
If your love you do not give me,
If you go with another
You will see? You will see.

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