Roll Jordan Roll

Version 1


(African American Spiritual)

1. Went down to the river Jordan
Where John baptized three.
Well I wake the devil in hell,
Sayin’ John ain’t baptize me.

Roll Jordan, roll,
Roll Jordan, roll,
My soul arise in heaven, Lord
For the year when Jordan roll.

2. Well some say John was a baptist,
Some say John was a Jew,
But I say John was a preacher of God
And my Bible says so too.
I say:  Refrain

Version 2


Roll Jordan roll! Roll Jordan roll!
I want to go to heaven when I die.
To hear old Jordan roll!

1. O brother you ought to been there,
Yes my Lord,
A-sitting in the kingdom,
To hear old Jordan roll. Refrain

2. O sister…

3. O seeker…

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