Kanyoni Kanja

Lyrics - Kikuyu

(Folk song from Kenya)

1. Kanyoni kanja, kanyoni kanja,
Gakugwanja na mītheko

2. Ndakoria atīrī, ndakoria atīrī,
Wamīcore watinda ku?

3. Ndatinda kairi, Ndatinda kairi,
Ngiaragania mbīrīgītī.

4. Ī mbīrīgītī, ī mbīrīgītī,
Na ndinainū, kia kagoto.

5. Kagūa irianī? Kagūa irianī?
Gwa cū cū wa kamirūkio.

Translation - Little bird

1. Little bird, little bird,
Laughing and rolling around.

2. I asked him,  I asked him,
“Little striped one where have you been?”

3. “At the quarry, at the quarry,
Spreading little stones.

4. “All the rocks I left, all the rocks I left
And I lost all my little stones.”

5. “You lost them where? You lost them where?”
“All the stones fell into the sea.”


  • Song with chords (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song
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