Mama Zamanha Gaya

Lyrics – Transliteration

(Folk song from Egypt)

Mama zamanha gaya
Gaya baedeh shiwaya,
Gayba al’ab wa hagat
Gayba maha shanta
Fiha wezza wa bata
Bi ta’mel
Quack quack quack

Arfel wad el esmo adel
gah doctor waamloh eh?
Eh? Eh?
Laa regleh bao zayel fatal bas shewaya gowa eneh
Rah nidiloh ho’na kbira
Aref edal el ho’na leh?
Ma bieshrabsh el laban el sobh we kol eshabo dehko aleh
W howa men yomha shereb w byekbar wetrabalo aadal fi ideh.

English Translation - Mama's time is here

Mom is on her way (coming)
Coming in a little bit
Bringing toys and stuff
Bringing a bag with her
In it is a goose and a duck
Saying quack quack quack

Do you know the boy called Adel?
The doctor came did what to him?
He found his legs looked like two strings and then looked for a bit into his eyes
So he gave him a big injection
Do you know why he gave him the injection?
Because he doesn’t drink milk in the morning and all his friends laughed at him (made fun of him)
And from that day on he drank and started growing and grew muscles in his arms.

Arabic – ماما زمانها جاية

ماما زمانها جاية جاية
بعد شوية جايبه لعب وحاجات
جايبة معاها شنطة شنطة فيها
وزة وبطة بتأول واق واق واق

عارف الواد اللي إسمو عادل
جاد الدكتور وعملوة إيه
لآ رجليه كانوا زي الفتلة
بص شوية جوة عنيه
راح مديلو حقنة كبيرة
عارف إدالو الحقنة ليه
ما بيشربش اللبن الصبح
وكل إصحابو ضحكوا عليه
و أهوه من يومها عقل وبيشرب
وترابالوه عضل في إيديه

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