Niño Manuelito (Bolivia)


Niño Manuelito is a name for Emmanuel, which means “God with us,” a name for Jesus.

Lyrics - Spanish

(Folk song from Bolivia)

Niño Manuelito qué bonito sois
junto a tu cunita grano de oro sois.

Ya viene la vaca con el carretón
trayendo la leche para el niño Dios.

María lloraba, perdió su pañal
San Juan lo tenía en el romeral.

Destrencen las trenzas, vuelvan a trenzar
que el Rey de los cielos se ha de coronar.

English Translation

Niño Manuelito how beautiful you are
next to your golden grain crib you are.

The cow is coming with the cart
bringing the milk for the child God.

Maria cried, she lost the diaper
San Juan had it in the rosemary fields.

The braids come apart, then braid again
that the King of heaven is to be crowned.

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