Autumn Song (Gatty)


(Alfred S. Getty, publ. 1916)

Oh little bird upon the tree,
What will you sing today?
Now spring has gone and summer gone,
And swallows flown away,
Full of regrets your song will be,
A sad and mournful lay.

That little bird upon the tree
Then sang both loud and clear,
“Though spring has gone and summer gone,
And winter drawers near,
I sing of hope, for well I know
They’ll all come back next year.”

“Though winter is a dreary time,
And cold and frost I dread,
And hard it is when snows lie deep
For birdies to be fed,
I cheer myself with this glad thought,
There’s springtime on ahead.”

  • Song with chords (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song

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