Don Oiche Ud I Mbeithil

Lyrics (Gaelic)

Don oíche úd i mBeithil
Beidh tagairt faoi ghrian go brach,
Don oíche úd i mBeithil
Go dtáinig an Briathar slán.
Tá gríosghrua ar spéartha,
‘S an talamh na chlúdach bán.
Féach Íosagán sa chléibhín,
‘S an Mhaighdean a dhúil le grá.

Ar leacain lom an tsléibhe
Go nglacann na haoiri scáth,
Nuair in oscailt gheal na spéire
Tá teachtaire Dé ar fáil.
“Céad glóir anois don Athair,
I bhFlaitheasa thuas go hard!
Is feasta fós ar talamh,
d’fheara, dea-mhéin, síocháin.”

Translation – That night in Bethlehem

(Of) That night in (yonder) Bethlehem
Will be mentioned under the sun forever,
(Of) That night in (yonder) Bethlehem
[That] the Word safely came.
[A] glowing light is in [the] sky,
And the earth [under] a white covering.
See baby Jesus in the cradle,
And the virgin longing with love.

On the bare mountain side
The shepherds take shelter (lit. ‘take shade’ or ‘take protection’),
When in a bright opening [in] the sky
A messenger of God is there (lit. ‘available’).
“A hundred glories (now) to the Father,
in His kingdom high above!
And henceforth (yet) on earth,
To men, goodwill [and] peace.”

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