Lyrics - Swiss German

(Swiss folk song)

Roti Rösli im Garte,
Maieriesli im Wald
Wänn de Wind chunt choge blase
so verwelked si bald

Chlini Fischli im Wasser,
grossi Fische im Meer
Hei lueg wie si gumped
und schwümed juhee

Liebi Sunne chum füre,
liebi Sune chum bald
Das mir chönd go spaziere
über Wiese und Wald.

English Translation – Red roses

Red roses in the garden,
Lilies of the valley in the wood
When the wind comes blowing
They’ll fade soon.

Small fishes in the lake,
Big fishes in the sea
Hey look how they jump
And swim, yippee!

Dear sun come forth,
Dear sun come soon
So that we can go walking
Over meadow and wood.

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