Am pierdut o batistuţă

Lyrics - Romanian

(Romanian folk song)

Am pierdut o batistuţă
Cine a găsit-o,
Eu îl rog ca să mi-o dea
Şi-l sărut îndată.
Batista parfumată,
Se află la o fată,
La o fată frumoasă,
Pe care o iubesc.

English Translation - I lost a handkerchief

I lost a handkerchief
Who found it,
I ask him to give it to me
And he kissed him right away.
Scented handkerchief,
She is at a girl,
To a beautiful girl,
The one I love.


Formation: Students stand in a circle with one student (“It”) holding a handkerchief outside the circle.

The students sing the song (optional: with their eyes closed). At the end of the song, “It” drops a handkerchief behind a student. That student becomes the new “It.”

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