Lyrics - Assamese

(Folk song from India)

Amare moina xubo e,
Barite bogori rubo e,
Barire bogori poki xori goley,
Moinai butoli khabo.

English Translation – Our Mother-in-law

Our mother will sleep a’
Plant melons in the garden
When the melons are ripe and fallen from the garden
Moina will eat the bottle

Assamese - আমাৰে মইনা শুব৷

আমাৰে মইনা শুব এ’
বাৰিতে বগৰী ৰুব এ’
বাৰীৰে বগৰী পকি সৰি গ’লে
মইনাই বুতলি খাব

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