Valentines (In the dark)


1. In the dark of the winter when cold winds do blow,
Saint Valentine’s Day comes like flowers in the snow;
Bringing thoughts of our dear ones whose love we renew,
By sending them greetings of friendship still true.

2. There are hearts and gay* ribbons and birds on the wing,
Gilt, lace and red roses, with every find thing;
But the love in our hearts sending gifts on their way,
Is best of all blessings on Valentine’s Day.

*Idea: Substitute “bright”

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4 thoughts on “Valentines (In the dark)”

      1. Ditto! My birthday is Valentine’s — years and years ago, a friend wrote this rhyme on a card to me….thank you for posting. Do you know the original source…? Blessings,
        Maya B.

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