by Sergei Prokofiev

Recording of instruments / character themes


  • Peter and the Wolf DVD – Amazon – live action and cartoon – I only show the cartoon part.
  • Peter and the Wolf DVD – MusicK8 – puppets by Jim Gamble – I like this one for the younger students.
  • Peter and the Wolf – YouTube – Narrated by Sting – live action and puppets – it’s a little creepy for younger students, I think.
  • Recording / Video of cartoon pictures – YouTube

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Extras for Plus Members

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  • Word Search

  • Memory Game / Flash Cards


  • Worksheets / Assessments


  • Prokofiev Poster

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2 thoughts on “Peter and the Wolf”

  1. AustinMusicTeacher

    Hi Beth, I love your worksheets but when I click on them they are too small and pixelated to print. Any suggestions?

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