Hawaiʻi Ponoʻī


This is the official song of the state of Hawaii, U.S.

Lyrics - Hawaiian

(Melody by Captain Henri Berger, Lyrics by King David Kalākaua)

Hawaiʻi ponoʻī,
Nānā i kou mōʻī,
Kalani aliʻi,
Ke aliʻi.

Makua lani ē,
Kamehameha ē,
Na kaua e pale,
Me ka ihe.

English Translation - Hawaii Itself

Hawaiʻi’s own true son,
Be loyal to your king,
Your country’s liege and lord
The chief.

Father above us all,
Kamehameha [the name of a Hawaiian king] e,
Who guarded in the war,
With his spear.

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