Marcha Nacional

Lyrics - Spanish

(Melody by José Bernardo Alcedo, 1788 – 1878, Lyrics by José de la Torre Ugarte, 1798–1878)

Si Bolívar salvó los abismos
San Martín coronó la altitud;
y en la historia de América se unen
como se unen arrojo y virtud.
Por su emblema sagrado la Patria
tendrá siempre, en altares de luz
cual si fuesen dos rayos de gloria,
dos espadas formando una cruz

English Translation - National March

If Bolivar saved the chasms
San Martín crowned the altitude;
And in the history of America they join
As boldness and virtue are united.
For its sacred emblem the Homeland
Will always have, in altars of light
As if they were two rays of glory,
Two swords forming a cross

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