Lyrics - Italian

(Italian folk song)

Ninna nanna
Coccola della mama
Ninna nanna
Coccola del papa

English Translation - Lullaby

Ninna nanna (lullaby)
Cuddle with mama
Ninna nanna
Cuddle with papa

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5 thoughts on “Ninna Nanna”

  1. Have you found this piece anywhere else? I am looking for it on youtube or somewhere similar and cannot find this particular piece. Suggestions?

  2. My Italian grandfather “got off the boat” in NYC in 1914. I remember him singing a lullaby to my brothers and presumably to me 70 years ago. The words that I can remember are
    Ninna, nonna, ninna, nonna
    Bimbo bella, della mama

    I seem to remember that there were two additional lines. Does anyone know them?
    He was from Malvaglio, a distant suburb of Milan.

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