(Folk song from the Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Ah woo-neh koo-neh chah oh woo-nee, (repeat)
I yi yi yeh kee ay ki ay nah, (repeat)
Ah woo, ah woo nee kee chee.


Formation: Students sit in a circle so each person’s knees touch the knees of the people on both sides. Repeat actions over and over throughout each verse. Start each verse slowly and get faster.

First time through:

  • Hands on own knees
  • Hands on knees of person to left
  • Hands on own knees
  • Hands on knees of person to right
  • Hands rest on own knees at end of verse.

Second time through:

  • Hands on own knees
  • Hands crossed on own knees
  • Hands uncrossed on own knees
  • Left hand on left neighbor’s knee; Right hand on right neighbor’s knee (Left hand under, right hand over neighbor’s arms)
  • Hands rest on own knees at end of verse

Third time through:

  • Extend left arm forward
  • Touch left wrist, then left shoulder with right hand; keep right hand on left shoulder
  • Cross left hand to right shoulder
  • Extend right arm forward and repeat actions with left
  • Hands are crossed, touching opposite shoulders at end of song.

Fourth time through:

  • Hands on floor
  • Hands on shoulders, hands in the air
  • Hands should end in the air, and at the end of the song, all should bow to center with arms extended while holding last note and bringing the pitch down like a siren.


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1 thought on “Kee Chee”

  1. Thank you so much for posting these videos! It’s been challenging to find the motions that go with the lyrics of what I know as an old Campfire Girls song. The version I know (attributed in the 1960’s to the Eskimo) included sitting cross-legged with arms folded and tilted, plus rubbing noses.

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