(German folk song)

1. There dwelt a maiden long ago, Blue eyed, fair as day,
Upon the isle of Hesmandö Lived this fair maid,
And, it is said, All hearts owned her sway.

2. There came a horseman proud and bold,
Vainly did he woo,
To all his pleading she was cold;
Rudely he played, And the fair maid
On horse did pursue.

3. The maiden saw how sad her plight,
Helpless and alone,
She prayed to Heaven to aid her flight,
And, in their course, Rider and horse
Were turned into stone.

4. And still the mounted horseman stands,
Lekö on the hill,
And people from Norwegian lands
Bow as they pass, Knowing, alas!
Rash love worketh ill.

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