Hey Concentration


Hey concentration, where have you been?
Around the corner and back again?
Stole my money, stole my honey,
Mama’s got the hiccups, papa’s got the flu!

Circle game

Hey concentration = two small steps forward (half note = beat)
Where have you been = Put hands out in “Where?” motion (pulse hands twice)
Around the corner = Turn around in circle once
Back again = two steps back
Stole my money = turn and face partner and pat own knees twice
Stole my honey = High five both partner’s hands
Mama’s got the hiccups = Pat knees twice
Papa’s got the flu = Turn and face inside of the circle, ready to start over

Optional ending:

Mama’s got the hiccups = Facing partner, walk past partner to the next person (new partner)
Papa’s got the flu = Turn and face inside of the circle, ready to start over

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Extras for Plus Members

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