Lost Lady Found


(English folk song)

1.’Twas down in a valley a fair maid did dwell,
She lived with her uncle, as all knew full well,
‘Twas down in the valley where violets were gay, [option: substitute “did sway”]
Three gypsies betrayed her and stole her away!

2. Long time she’d been missing and could not be found,
Her uncle, he searched the country around,
‘Til he came to her trustee, between hope and fear,
The trustee made answer, “She has note been here.”

3. The trustee spake up with a courage so bold,
“I fear she’s been lost for the sake of her gold;
So we’ll have life for life, sir,” the trustee did say,
“We shall send you to prison, and there you shall stay.”

4. There was a young squire that loved her so,
Oft times to the school house together they did go;
“I’m afraid she is murdered, so great is my fear,
If I’d wings like a dove I would fly to my dear!”

5. He travelled through England, through France and through Spain,
‘Til he ventured his life on the watery main;
And he came to a house where he lodged for a night,
And in that same house was his own heart’s delight.

6. When she saw him, she knew him and flew to his arms,
She told him her grief while he gazed on her charms.
“How came you to Dublin, my dearest, I pray?”
“Three gypsies betrayed me and stole me away.”

7. “Your uncle’s in England; in prison doth lie,
And for your sweet sake is condemned for to die.”
“Carry me to old England, my dearest,” she cried;
“One thousand I’ll give you and will be your bride.”

8. When she came to old England, her uncle to see,
The cart, it was under the high gallows tree.
“Oh pardon! Oh pardon! Oh pardon I crave!
Don’t you see I’m alive, your dear life to save?”

9. Then straight from the gallows they led him away,
The bells they did ring, and the music did play;
Every house in the valley with mirth did resound,
As soon as they heard the lost lady was found.

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