Oh Mary, Where is Your Baby


(American folk carol)

1. Read in the Gospel of Matthew
The Gospel of Luke and John,
Read in the Gospel and learn the news
How the li’l boy child was born.
Read about Mary and Joseph come
A-riding on a donkey from far,
Slept in a stable of Bethlehem
While the shepherds all seen the star.

O Mary, sister Mary
Where is your baby?
They done took Him from a manger,
And they carried Him to the throne.

2. Read about the elders and the Hebrew priest
A-preaching in the tabernacle hall,
Standing in a wonder at the words they heard
From a li’l boy child so small.
O li’l boy, how old you is?
Tell me if you let it be told
O li’l boy, how old you is?
I ain’t but twelve years old


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  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song
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