I Heard from Heaven Today


(African American Spiritual)

Hurry on, my weary soul,
And I heard from heaven today, (repeat)

1. My sin is forgiven and my soul set free,
And I heard…
My sin is forgiven and my soul set free,
And I heard…

2. A baby born in Bethlehem…

3. The wise men saw and they followed that star…

4. The shepherds heard the angels’ song…

5. A bell is ringing in the other bright world…

6. The trumpet sounds in the other bright land…


  • Song with chords (PDF)
  • MIDI file
  • Listen to the song
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2 thoughts on “I Heard from Heaven Today”

  1. I have you to thank for the success of my Christmas program. The children and parents loved your folk songs, most of which I never would have found if it had not been for this blog. Thank you so much! We ended our program with the 4-6 graders singing this song. Verses were sung as a soli, and the whole group sang the refrain. At the end, the children stepped downstage and beckoned the audience to sing with them. Parents loved it, and some cried. Thank you so much. I love these songs.

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