Lyrics - Spanish

(Mexican folk song)

1. Estaba un charro sentado 
en las trancas de un corral (repeat)
Su mayordomo le dice,
“No estés triste, Nicolás.” (repeat)
2. Si quieres que no esté triste,
lo que pida me has de dar, (repeat)
y el mayordomo le dice,
“vé pidiendo Nicolás.” (repeat)
3. Necesito treinta pesos

una cuera y un cabal (repeat)
y el mayordomo le dice,
“no hay dinero, Nicolás.” (repeat)

4. Necesito treinta reales
para poderme casar, (repeat)
y el mayordomo le dice:
“ni un real tengo, Nicolás .” (repeat)

English Translation - The horseman

1. There was a horseman sitting
in the bars of a pen (repeat)
His foreman tells him,
“Don’t be sad, Nicholas.” (repeat)

2. If you want me not to be sad,
whatever I ask you have to give me, (repeat)
and the foreman tells him,
“Go asking for Nicholas.” (repeat)

3. I need thirty pesos*
a cuera* and a cabal* (repeat)
and the foreman tells him,
“There is no money, Nicholas.”

4. I need thirty reales*
so I can get married, (repeat)
and the foreman tells him:
“I don’t even have a real*, Nicolás.” (repeat)

*amounts of money

Singable English Lyrics

1. There was a charro a-sitting
on the fence of a wide corral. (repeat)
Kindly the foreman to ask him,
“Why so mournful, Nicholas?” (repeat)

2. I need a horse, I am thinking,
A good saddle, a good coat, too. (repeat)
Kindly the foreman assured him,
“All is yours, my Nicholas.” (repeat)

3. You have a beautiful daughter, 
I must marry that girl as well. (repeat)
Firmly his foreman assured him,
“She is promised, Nicholas.” (repeat)

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  1. I learned this song as a child very much anglicized and a little different than it appears here. I have looked for a long time and this is the first time I have ever found it on line. Thank you very much for posting it!

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