Du Liegst Mir im Herzen


This song is believed to have originated in northern Germany around 1820. (source)

Lyrics - German

(German folk song)

Du, du liegst mir im Herzen,
Du, du liegst mir im Sinn,
Du, du, machst mir viel Schmerzen,
Weisst nicht wie gut ich dir bin.
Ja, ja, ja, ja!
Weisst nicht wie gut ich dir bin.

English Translation - You are in my heart

You, you are in my heart.
You, you are in my mind.
You, you cause me much pain,
You don’t know how good I am for you.
Yes, yes, yes, yes you don’t know how good I am for you. (source)


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5 thoughts on “Du Liegst Mir im Herzen”

  1. Lisa Zaslow Segelman

    Thank you so much for both the German lyrics and the English translation. I always thought this song was in Yiddish as my grandmother (born in 1894) used to sing it to me. It wasn’t until I started taking Yiddish this year that another student told me that the song is actually German. I couldn’t remember the last line and your post saved me!

  2. I learned this song as a foreign student in Tubingen in 1959. After college graduation, I returned to Germany to teach American Air Force children in Bitburg, and eagerly taught it to them. In 1962, while on a dinner date in Trier with my future husband, a Lieutenant in the USAF, the orchestra leader of the dance band invited guests to sing. Of course, I raised my hand – and sang this song – among others. The tune and the lyrics have stayed with me ever since!
    Thanksyou, Beth!
    PS At the end of our Rathskeller meal in Trier, the receipt for dinner came and it included a charge for each song I sang! Needless to say, my future husband went home with only a few coins in his pocket!

  3. There is another verse begining with Wenn wenn wennin deer Heide, du du dein Bild erscheint….. Das uns die Liebe vereint.

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