Cuatro milpas


Cuatro milpas tan sólo han quedado,
Del ranchito que era mío, ¡ay!
De aquella casita tan blanca y bonita,
Lo triste que esta.
Si me prestas tus ojos, morena,
Los llevo en el alma,
Que miren allá.
Los despojos de aquella casita,
Tan blanca y bonita lo triste que esta.

English Version: Four Corn Patches

Four Cornfields



I can still see the ranch and the cornfields
Where I spent my childhood long ago,
I think back in sadness to days filled with gladness,
I’ll never more know.
I remember the ranch and the cornfields
With corn grown so tall it was touching the sky.
How I loved then to walk through its rows,
And I wondered how corn ever grew up so high.


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