Cuatro milpas

Lyrics - Spanish

(Mexican folk song)

Cuatro milpas tan sólo han quedado,
Del ranchito que era mío, ¡ay!
De aquella casita tan blanca y bonita,
Lo triste que esta.
Si me prestas tus ojos, morena,
Los llevo en el alma,
Que miren allá.
Los despojos de aquella casita,
Tan blanca y bonita lo triste que esta.

English Translation - Four Cornfields

Only four cornfields have remained,
Of the little ranch that was mine, oh!
Of that little house so white and pretty,
How sad it is.
If you lend me your eyes, brunette,
I carry them in my soul
Let them look there.
The remains of that little house,
So white and pretty how sad it is.

Singable English Version


I can still see the ranch and the cornfields
Where I spent my childhood long ago,
I think back in sadness to days filled with gladness,
I’ll never more know.
I remember the ranch and the cornfields
With corn grown so tall it was touching the sky.
How I loved then to walk through its rows,
And I wondered how corn ever grew up so high.

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