Note Pizzas


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Other Visuals

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  • 36¬†reproducible circle posters¬†with with notes and rests: whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth (includes dotted quarter, dotted eighth, eighth note triplets and eighth-sixteenth combinations)
    19 notes & rests on veggie pizza backgrounds
    19 notes & rests on white backgrounds

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3 thoughts on “Note Pizzas”

  1. Pauleta Hendrickson

    Beth, I recently found your blog. I am very impressed! Thanks so much for all the tidbits of interesting music and ideas.

  2. Beth, you are so super duper awesome!! I may be missing this somewhere in the plethora of posts, but do you have instructions or lesson plans on how you use your pizza cards?

    1. Thank you, Sheree!

      I use them as visual aides to help explain the division of beats. Some years I hang them up as decoration and refer to them often.

      Hope that helps!

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