Over in the Meadow


(Folk song)

1. Over in the meadow in the sand in the sun
Lived an old mother toadie and her little toadie one.
“Wink,” said the mother, “I wink,” said the one,
So they winked all day in the sand in the sun.

2. Over in the meadow, where the stream runs blue,
Lived an old mother fish and her little fishes two.
“Swim!” said the mother, “We swim!” said the two,
So they swam all day where the stream runs blue.

3. Over in the meadow in a hole in the tree,
Lived an old mother birdie and her little birdies three.
“Sing!” said the mother, “We sing!” said the three.
So they sang all day in a hole in the tree.

4. Over in the meadow in the reeds by the shore,
Lived an old mother muskrat and her little ratties four.
“Dive,” said the mother, “We dive,” said the four.
So they dived all day in the reeds by the shore.

5. Over in the meadow in a snug beehive,
Lived an old mother bee and her little bees five.
“Buzz,” said the mother, “We buzz,” said the five.
So they buzzed all day in the snug beehive.

6. Over in the meadow in a nest built of sticks,
Lived an old mother crow and her little crows six.
“Caw,” said the mother, “We caw,” said the six.
So they cawed all day in the nest built of sticks.

7. Over in the meadow where the grass is so even,
Lived an old mother cricket and her little crickets seven.
“Chirp!” said the mother, “We chirp!” said the seven.
So they chirped all day in the grass soft and even.

8. Over in the meadow by the old mossy gate
Lived an old mother lizard and her little lizards eight.
“Bask!” said the mother, “We bask!” said the eight.
So they basked all day on the old mossy gate.

9. Over in the meadow where they quiet pools shine
Lived a green mother frog and her little froggies nine.
“Croak!” said the mother, “We croak!” said the nine.
So they croaked all day where the quiet pools shine.

10. Over in the meadow in a sly little den
Lived an old mother spider and her little spiders ten.
“Spin!” said the mother; “We spin!” said the ten.
So they spun all day in their sly little den.

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1 thought on “Over in the Meadow”

  1. I remember this song from when I was a kid – but with Australian animals. A jumping kangaroo, two frogs in a creek, and three kookaburras.

    Thanks for all the song and lesson ideas – I’m finding them very useful for my primary music classes 🙂

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