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When your goal is to have the students fill out A,B,C, etc. on a form worksheet or assessment, they first need to be very familiar with the piece, or at least portions of the piece. For some students, it can be very difficult to know what to listen for, and all sections could sound alike.
Prepare your students for success by listening to the piece many times before you assess them. Have them do one or more of the following as they learn the piece. Adding another sense (i.e. visual or kinesthetic) will be the most helpful.
  • Describe the different sections: instruments, dynamics, emotions
  • Do different motions to the different sections
  • Have them draw different scenes to depict what they hear in each section
  • Show them different listening maps for each section and point to which they hear.
  • Make it simpler by only focusing on Section A, and require that they recognize when “A” comes back again.
    • Give each student an index card with “A” on it. Every time Section A repeats, they hold it up.
    • When filling out a succession of boxes (see worksheet below), they are allowed to write “?” in any box that it is NOT Section A, and write “A” in the boxes where they hear that section repeat. That especially works well for Rondo form where A keeps repeating.

Worksheets / Assessments

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Syncopated Clock listening map


Nutcracker March and Syncopated Clock worksheet


AB, ABA, ABC Worksheet / Assessment


Other Visuals & Worksheets / Assessments

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Nutcracker March

Nutcracker March

Nutcracker March



Mozart Rondo

Mozart Theme & Variations

Sousa – Stars and Stripes Forever

Sousa – Stars and Stripes Forever

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