Music Room: Solfege with Velcro

Bulletin Board Idea

I put my Solfege display on the front bulletin board. It helps to have this flip system with the spiral binder and Velcro pieces. Different grade levels focus on different syllables. When the students aren’t using a syllable, I flip it over so the two pieces of the Velcro stick together. Then, the students can easily see patterns like stepping and skipping.

Here’s a quick idea of what grade levels could focus on which syllables:

  • 1st – so, mi
  • 2nd – so, mi, la
  • 3rd – pentatonic – Add do, re first – and then all five: do, re, mi, so, la
  • 4th – but add low so and la… I often replace the exclusive use of the Solfege with note names, since the kids are using recorders. So, they know G,A,B, low E. (do, re, mi, low la)
  • 5th – Major scale – also recorder notes. G, A, B, C’, D’, low E, low D (do, re, mi, fa, so, low la, low so)

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