Christmas songs – non-English

Non-English Christmas Songs Aakasamlo Alla baja Jesucristo Arre borriquito Arre mi burrito Ay del chiquirritín Bóg się rodzi Boh predvičnyj narodivsja Borboleta Pequenina Brincan y bailan Campana sobre campana Canta, ríe, bebe Circenīša Ziemassvētki Corre corre al portalico Daj Boh …

Christmas songs – Secular

Secular List of Christmas Songs (English) A Mince Pie and a Pudding All Children are on Christmas Eve All Hail to the Days (Drive the Cold Winter Away) Brave Old Oak Carol Children Carol Christmas Day Christmas Eve Christmas is …

Songs with Miscellaneous Jobs

Songs A la lata al latero (tinsmith) Day-O (banana worker) Early in the Morning (postman) Little Dustman (trash collector) Twankydillo (blacksmith) See also songs about jobs

Songs with Multiple Jobs

Songs My Father is a Garbage Man San Sereni We’ll All Go A-Singing See also songs about jobs

Songs with Miscellaneous Instruments

Songs that mention miscellaneous instruments Canta ríe bebe Knock the Cymbals Missouri Waltz Zúmbale al pandero See also songs about instruments

Songs with Multiple Instruments

Songs that mention multiple instruments Aiken Drum (adapted version) Canta ríe bebe Cat Came Fiddling For Patriots’ Day Go Mississippi Happy New Year (Hark, Hark) I am a Fine Musician Il est ne le divin Enfant I’ve Been Working on the …

Songs with Miscellaneous Animals

Songs that mention miscellaneous animals Anile Anile Odi Vaa Il court le furet Kangaroo Leather Winged Bat Little Skunk’s Hole Ostrich Pop Goes the Weasel Raccoon and Possum See also animals

Songs with Multiple Animals

Songs that mention more than one animal Ali Baba’s Farm (Ali Babanın çiftliği) Animal Fair Animal Poem Animal Song Animals Went in Two By Two Austrian Went Yodeling Bulldog (& bullfrog) Chad Gadya Daddy’s Whiskers Farmer in the Dell Farmyard …

Folk Songs from Venezuela

Songs Alma Llanera El chiriguare El róbalo See also countries in South America national anthems world regions

Goodbye Songs

Songs Aloha ‘Oe Charlotte Town Goin’ Down to Cairo Goin’ to Boston Good Night Good Night (Christmas) Good Night (Going Home) Goodbye Julie Goodbye Old Paint Goodbye-ee Goodnight Ladies Hello Song Now the Day is Over Parting Glass Shalom Chaverim …

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