Lyrics - Meriam Mir

(Folk song from the Torres Strait Islands, Australia)

Taba naba naba norem,
Tugei pe neiser mi,
dinghy ge nabatre,
Mi ko kei miserer em nebewem,
Taba naba norem.

English Translation - Come let us go

Come let us go to the reef,
While morning tide is low,
let us go in the dinghy,
Let us go to the edge of the reef,
Come let us go to the reef.

Sit-Down Dance

Formation: Students sitting

  • Ms. 1-2 = Brush hands together back and forth on the beat (8x).
  • Ms. 3 = Right hand touch floor (or pat knee) twice, touch left shoulder twice.
  • Ms. 4 = Left hand touch floor (or pat knee) twice, touch right shoulder twice.
  • Ms. 5-6 = Repeat ms. 3-4
  • Ms. 7-8 = Hands up, hands on shoulders,  hands on hips, sway (hold each movement for 2 beats)

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