Wendemy Yakob

Lyrics - Transliteration

(Ethiopian folk song)

Wendemy Yakob, wendemy Yakob,
Tegnah wey? Tegnah wey?
Dewil tedewele, Dewil tedewele,
Tenesa, tenesa

English Translation – My brother Jacob

My brother Jacob, my brother Jacob
Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping?
The bell rang, the bell rang
Arise, arise

Amharic – ወንድሜ ያቆብ

ወንድሜ ያቆብ,. ወንድሜ ያቆብ
ተኛህ ወይ ? ተኛህ ወይ ?
ደውል ተደወለ, ደውል ተደወለ
ተነሳ, ተነሳ

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