Lyrics – Visayan

(Folk song from the Philippines)

Dandansoy, bayaan ta icao
Pauli aco sa Payao
Ugaling con icao hidlauon
Ang Payaw imo lang lantauon.

Dandansoy, con imo apason
Bisan tubig di magbalon
Ugaling con icao uhauon
Sa dalan magbobonbobon.

Convento, diin ang cura?
Municipio, diin justicia?
Yari si dansoy maqueja.
Maqueja sa paghigugma.

Ang panyo mo cag panyo co
Dala diri cay tambijon co
Ugaling con magcasilo
Bana ta icao, asawa mo aco.

English Translation – Dandansoy (boy’s name)

Dandansoy, I’d like to leave you,
I’m going back home to Payao.
Though if you yearn for me,
Just look towards Payao.

Dandansoy, if you follow me,
Don’t bring even water.
Though if you get thirsty,
Dig a well along the way.

Nunnery, where’s the priest?
City Hall, where’s justice?
Here is Dansoy, charged
Charged with falling in love.

Your handkerchief and my handkerchief
Bring them here, as I’ll tie them together
For if they interweave
May you be my husband, I your wife.

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