Ajde Kato ajde zlato

Lyrics - Croatian

(Folk song from Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Ajde, Kato, ajde zlato,
Ajde sa mnom celer brati

Ne mogu ti, gospodine,
Nema sjajne mjesečine

Upalit ću tri fenjera,
Vodit ću te do celera

U celeru vel’ka suša,
Ti si, Kato, moja duša

U celeru vel’ko blato,
Ti si, Kato, moje zlato

English Translation – Come on Kato, come on honey

Come on, Kato, come on honey,
Come take celery with me

I can’t, sir,
There is no bright moonlight

I’ll light three lanterns,
I’ll take you to the celery field

Great drought in the celery field,
You, Kato, are my soul

The celery field is muddy,
You are, Kato, my honey

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