Rejoice My Friends


(Reubin Monday, 1820)

1. Rejoice my friends, the Lord is King!
Let all prepare to take Him in.
Let Jacob rise and Zion sing,
And all the earth with praises ring,
And give to Him the glory.

2. Oh may the desert land rejoice,
And mourners hear the Savior’s voice,
While praise their every tongue employs,
And all obtain immortal joys,
And give to Him the glory.

3. Come, parents, children, bond and free,
Come, who will go along with me?
I’m bound fair Canaan’s land to see,
And shout with saints eternally,
And give to Him the glory.

4. Those beauteous fields of living green
By faith my joyful eyes have seen,
Though Jordan’s billows roll between,
We soon shall cross the narrow stream,
And give to Him the glory.

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